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Start, Register, Expand Or Sell A Cannabis Business In Oklahoma

Opportunities have abounded in Oklahoma for the operation of legal cannabis growth and dispensing businesses since medical marijuana became legal in our state in 2018. More recently, the state put a two-year moratorium on the issuing of new cannabis business licenses beginning in August 2022. This moratorium was intended to allow inspectors and regulators to catch up on bureaucratic backlogs. Despite legal limitations, pathways exist to acquire cannabis businesses through legal license transfers.

At Brydie & Associates, PLLC, in Tulsa, we are pleased to help cannabis growers and venders thrive within existing and evolving legal parameters. We established this law firm precisely to enable business owners in our communities to devote their efforts to doing what they do best while our lawyers monitor their legal risks and requirements.

A Local Cannabis Business Law Firm Catering To Your Needs

Medical marijuana businesses are in a competitive industry in Tulsa and the surrounding area. The field is heavily regulated and those regulations are constantly evolving. To survive in this business environment, you must have reliable legal counsel. Our firm exists precisely to meet those needs.

Your first essential area as a cannabis business owner is to know the laws that govern your commercial activities. As you may know, Oklahoma residents can apply for medical marijuana patient licenses with doctors’ recommendations. As a cannabis business owner or an aspiring one, you realize that your customers will rely on your adherence to legal requirements as well as your vigilance over the integrity of your products.

Among other relevant laws, you should strictly enforce the following limitations when your customers come to you asking you to fill their medical marijuana orders:

  • They must have the appropriate medical licenses.
  • They cannot possess more than eight ounces of marijuana, one ounce of concentrated marijuana, 72 ounces of edible marijuana, six mature marijuana plants, six seedling plants at home.
  • They must not carry more than three ounces of marijuana with them while away from home.

In addition to cannabis-specific laws, you must understand and follow laws that pertain to any business, including taxation, employment law, commercial real estate regulations and zoning, and more.

Get A Tulsa Cannabis Lawyer’s Guidance In Support Of Your Business Plans

Contact Brydie & Associates, PLLC, to learn the details you need to know about acquiring or transferring a cannabis business license, registering your business correctly with local authorities, drafting documents to satisfy the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), getting zoning approvals and staying ready for inspections and audits.

To greatly improve your chances of success in this competitive industry; consult with our experienced, skilled and knowledgeable cannabis business law attorneys at your earliest convenience. Call 918-771-7196 or email us to schedule a free consultation.